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Looking at the Sky

What are the benefits of looking at the sky?

This exercise is done once a day for 10 minutes. But not after eating! Better do it before meals, then you will eat less than usual.

If it's cold outside then you can look through a clean window from home. Do this exercise without glasses or contact lenses! Ideally - outside in nature. The best time for this exercise is in the morning or during the day while the sun is up. Choose a position where the sun is shining behind you otherwise, it will hurt your eyes.

It doesn’t matter whether the sky is clear or cloudy, whether it rains or snows.


Body position: comfortable, relaxed, sitting or standing.

After the practice be sure to rest for 4-5 minutes with your eyes closed!!!

Please turn off your phone, TV, and radio... warn your loved ones not to bother you.


There is a therapy called "color therapy". For a long time, it’s been known that different colors can have a certain effect on a person. Blue and green soothes you, red - excites you, etc. If you are agitated then being in a room where wallpapers are in green or blue tones will calm you down in just a minute. People also apply it in sports. When it is necessary to concentrate as much as possible, the athletes put on red glasses. Long-distance runners use blue shades.


Back to the sky ... 

Often doctors advise their patients to take some vitamins to promote better health. Vitamins themselves are mostly produced by processing various plants. Plants get these essential nutrients mainly from sunlight. If a person can consciously perceive this sunlight (which has all the colors in its spectrum) then he gets this "vitamin food" directly!

Very often when one looks at the sky, one can note that the color of the sky is changing. For example, the whole sky is blue and a small circle suddenly becomes orange or yellow! And then the color can change to green.

The explanation, in this case, is simple: our body lacks certain energy which is carried by a particular color (from the spectrum of sunlight).

The human body has energy receivers and transformers called chakras. Each chakra is responsible for the distribution of vital energy for all human systems and organs - physiology and psyche, including mind and consciousness. Each chakra has its own color. The lowest red, the highest purple (as colors in the rainbow). There is no need to cover which chakra has which color. There are many books and articles on this subject.

If the color of the sky changes then it is necessary to replenish energy in one/some of the chakras. For example, green may indicate some problems or violations of harmony in the heart chakra. When we perceive this color in this way we replenish this energy and harmonize our condition.

Now back to the sky…

How to do this exercise.

Before you start, sit or lie down, relax and close your eyes. Sit still for 1-2 minutes, and listen to the world around you without analyzing the sounds or anticipating them. 

Your attention is drawn to the outside world and you are “swimming” in this environment of sounds. It can be the singing of the birds, distant music playing, or the whistles of the wind... Just listen to the world around you (it's already a very pleasant state!). At some point, you will feel the peace that comes from within you... then slowly begin to open your eyes.


Don't stare at the edges of clouds or flying birds. Be very friendly and gentle with the sky, seek to dissolve in it ... Look at its depth, look through it... You want to hear it, you want to listen to it…


Don’t ignore the tension in your eyes. If they get tired then close your eyes, rest, and then open them slowly again. Your face also shouldn’t be tense. A light smile is always a plus.


It’s ok if you get sleepy in the middle of the practice. You will be filled with the power of rest.

After the exercises, it’s mandatory to sit with your eyes closed for 3-5 minutes. Have some rest, and listen to the world around you. Don't jump up immediately!

By practicing regularly you will very soon notice a significant improvement in your emotional state. You will become internally quieter, more attentive, and benevolent. You will smile more often! Later on, you will notice an improvement in health and well-being.

Keep in mind that you may face the cleansing of the body when it pushes out the accumulated diseases. This is normal and shouldn't scare you.

If the cleansing gets very intense then reduce the time for this exercise to 4-5 minutes. Devote your time to this exercise daily! It will help you to become stable, and confident and keep the inner joy and the peace of mind.

If the exercises are done regularly and everything goes smoothly you can add 1 minute every week and eventually bring the practicing time up to 15 minutes. But not more!

If you want to increase the time even further then you will need to learn certain breathing and physical exercises.


Good luck!

While practicing some questions might pop up. Feel free to ask them.

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